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Michele Bennett

Michele Bennett left a review 8/24/2013

I missed the went into the hospital. sounds like it was good time.

Billie Giese

Billie Giese left a positive review 8/24/2013

In my fourteen years here, I have heard from students who feel as if there is no sense of a college community at NIU. They say there is nothing going on campus that makes them feel they are important and belong here. It was great to see students and some staff/faculty out on campus enjoying the weather, food and music together. It was a fantastic social event which gives me a deeper sense that our real mission at NIU is to be student centered. Please have more events such as this during the semester. It is important to give students the feeling that we can work and play together and build a stronger, more interesting college community in DeKalb. Thanks. President Baker.

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