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Vladislav Bláha, Guest Artist Guitar Recital

Toccata by J. S. Bach Usher Waltz by Nikita Koshkin Sýček neodletěl by Leoš Janáček (The Sparow owl did not fly away) Čekám tě (I am waiting...

Andrew Glendening, Faculty Trombone Recital

Everything Happens for the First Time (2018) by Mark Dancigers Clef Hanger (2011) by Jan Bach I was like Wow! (2003) by JacobTV Der Heroszupfer (2019)...

Fourth Annual Winter Arts Convocation

A celebration of the arts bringing together students from the College of Art and Design, College of Music and College of Theatre and Dance. Featuring a...

Fareed Haque, Faculty Guitar Recital

Also available in Live Webcast!

Mark Ponzo, Emily Fagan, & JeongSoo Kim,  Faculty Trumpet/Oboe/Piano Recital

Also Available in Live Webcast!!

Nick Basich & Nina Caliendo, Trumpet Recital

Also available on Live Webcast!