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Susan Hannan

Susan Hannan 6/2 1:00pm

Emotion Regulation Choice Among Undergraduate Students with Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms. Dr. Holly Orcutt

Kate Oddi

Kate Oddi 6/9 10:00am

Examining the Reciprocal Longitudinal Relations Between Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Infant Positive Emotionality in First Year Postpartum. Dr. David...

Kyle W. Murdock

Kyle W. Murdock 6/10 9:30am

Maternal and Paternal Contributions to Child Internalizing and Externalizing Problems: An Actor-Partner Interdependence Framework. Dr. Laura Pittman

Stephanie Secord Fredrick

Stephanie Secord Fredrick 6/18 10:00am

The Protective Role of Social Support and the Relations Among Cyber and Traditional Victimization, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation. Dr. Michelle Demary

Recent Events

Sarah Bailey 5/27/2015

Aundrea Lane 5/1/2015

Rae Anne Pearson 10/27/2014

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