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Holmes Student Center

600 Lucinda Ave

At the heart of the DeKalb campus, the Holmes Student Center provides places to study, computer labs, restaurants, a bookstore, banking services, conference/banquet/catering facilities and a full-service hotel.


Upcoming Events

Admitted Student Day

Admitted Student Day 3/2

Join us this winter for a series of events specifically for future Huskies who have been admitted. These events will cover different themes that you'll face...

Berry, Sweet, and Green at Ellington's

Berry, Sweet, and Green at Ellington's 3/3 11:00am

Ellington’s is a student-run restaurant located in Holmes Student Center. The students of FCNS 320 Quantity Food Production plan, prepare, and serve...

Luncheon: Students, Faculty & Staff Meet Tereza Lee

Luncheon: Students, Faculty & Staff Meet... 3/3 11:30am

Students, staff, and faculty can meet and mingle with Tereza Lee whose inspiring story as an undocumented student helped usher in legislation we now know as...

The Art of Disagreeing AND Maintaining Professional or Personal Relationships

The Art of Disagreeing AND Maintaining... 3/3 1:00pm

Disagreements occur in all workplaces. Speaking up and asking questions is also somewhat expected in an academic environment. However, those actions can be...

Travel with a Professor: "The Story of Us: Becoming Human with Donald Johanson"

Travel with a Professor: "The Story of Us:... 3/3 4:00pm

Who better to tell our story than the man who discovered Lucy? Donald Johanson, Ph.D., is the director of the Institute of Human Origins and professor of...

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Horrible Bosses 2 2/26/2015

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Nancy Finn

Nancy Finn left a positive review 2/27/2015

I have the soup, salmon, and chocolate torte. Everything was very good! I loved the presentation of the room and the friendliness of the students. The presentation of the food was very professional. I will definitely attend in the future.

Linda Yates

Linda Yates left a positive review 2/16/2015

I thought the service was good. The food was delicious and the presentation was superb.

Shalyn Houston

Shalyn Houston left a positive review 1/9/2015

I brought my boyfriend to check out NIU and although I wish we could have seen more, we had a lot of fun in the Huskies Den and met some new people. It was very nice of the university to supply free pizza and refreshments as well.

Shalyn Houston

Shalyn Houston left a positive review 2/15/2015

My dad and I learned some new things about financial aid and how the lottery works when it comes to applying for a room. I also met my possible future roommate while I was there, so it was very exciting.

Quinshada Cook

Quinshada Cook left a positive review 2/8/2015

I thoroughly enjoyed this event! If at all possible may I have the names of the young woman and the young man who led this awesome discussion? I need their information for my homework. Thank you so much in advance!

Elaine Rodriguez

Elaine Rodriguez left a positive review 4/2/2014

It was a great show! There are many talents on campus that we were able to watch. I hope The Adela de la Torre Honor Society is able to do this show again.

Sumiko Keay

Sumiko Keay left a positive review 2/19/2014

The food and the service was great.

Cathleen Donohue

Cathleen Donohue left a positive review 3/26/2014

Very good food and service.

Deborah Haliczer

Deborah Haliczer left a positive review 3/6/2014

Excellent presentation with useful experiential activities.

Deborah Haliczer

Deborah Haliczer left a positive review 3/11/2014

A very important topic. The speaker was excellent and knowledgeable.

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