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NIU STEAM Virtual Summer Institute

STEAM up your summer learning at the NIU STEAM Virtual Summer Institute. Starting on July 6, the NIU STEAM team is offering four interactive weeks of...

7/10, 9 AM
Online STEAM Camp: Exploring Careers in Science

To build a career in science, you’ll need more than just factual knowledge. You’ll also need curiosity, wonder and imagination, as well as a healthy...

7/10, 9 AM
Online STEAM Camp: Find Your Voice: Digital Media Career Exploration

We know you’ve got something to say and we want to help you be heard! Join us for a four-week-long STEAM summer experience all about creating digital media....

7/10, 9 AM
Online STEAM Camp: Rube Goldberg Challenge

You may have played the classic game Mousetrap, but how would you like to build your own crazy contraptions? Rube Goldberg is famous for creating the...

7/10, 9 AM
Online STEAM Camp: STEM Read: Science + Fiction Camp

Get ready to science up your fiction! Every great leap forward starts with a burst of creativity. Someone sees the world as it is, dreams of what it could...

7/10, 12 PM

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