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Teen STEM Café: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Engineering Design

Learn about innovation in the fields of toy design and candy making! Have you ever thought about a challenge or problem and wondered how you might create a...

4/6, 5 PM
STEM Café: Why an Acre Matters: How Digital Technology is Transforming Agriculture

John Deere was founded in 1837 with the invention of the steel plow, which revolutionized agriculture. Now the agricultural revolution has gone digital with...

4/12, 6:30 PM
Teen STEM Café: Bio Blitz: Exploring Our Ecosystem

Come discover local native plants, animals and other organisms as we walk the lagoon trails and take inventory. Bring your smartphone or favorite device as...

5/18, 5 PM
STEM Café: Bison: Engineers of the Prairie Ecosystem

In 2014, bison were reintroduced to a 1,500-acre section of Nachusa Grasslands, a nature preserve in nearby Franklin Grove, IL. Since then, NIU Biology...

5/20, 9 AM
STEAM Camp: Engineering Careers: Intro to Engineering and Sustainability

Engineers develop everything from medical devices, such as artificial hearts, to buildings, bridges and self-driving cars. They work in nearly every industry...


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