Founders Memorial Library

NIU’s main campus library holds about two million volumes, countless study areas, a computer lab, a coffee shop, and several internet stations. It also contains the University Archives and various specialized collections.

217 Normal Rd, DeKalb, IL 60115


Upcoming Events

Peer Educator Informational Session

Would you like to become a Peer Educator? Come learn about the PE position and how you can make an impact with our first-year students through mentoring in...

1/23, 5 PM
125th Anniversary Exhibit Reception

The exhibition, Becoming Huskies, highlights the transitions and traditions, moments and events that have led to our growth and identity as Huskies today.

2/4, 5 PM
Discover code_orange

The code_orange program is a unique Discover® employment opportunity for students of Northern Illinois University. Discover is looking for undergraduate CS...

2/12, 9:30 AM
JobsPLUS Event - Design Thinking for the Social Impact: A World Café Experience

Faciliated by Collegiate Association of Unreasonable Social Entrepreneurs (CAUSE). CAUSE will be hosting a World Café style discussion about the most...

2/24, 5 PM
Preparation for Angel Investors

A JobsPLUS Event. Facilitated by Travis Linderman, Managing Director at Innovation DuPage. There is a common thread that ties all startups together… the...

3/3, 4:30 PM

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Carole Drennan

Carole Drennan left a positive review 4/17/2019

Kent made a difficult topic easier to understand. The handout he gave will be invaluable to me in the future.

daniel smith

daniel smith left a positive review 4/5/2019

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Priyanka Singh

Priyanka Singh left a positive review 4/4/2019

I was studying about MBBS in ukraine at and came through this event, Great effort guys heard a lot about you.

Josh Arms

Josh Arms left a positive review 3/27/2019

Great chance to learn about the program. I'm glad I went!

Aline Click

Aline Click left a positive review 11/28/2018


Fred Barnhart

Fred Barnhart left a positive review 10/30/2018

Fun to see so many anime and gaming characters in real life! Great costumes!

Aline Click

Aline Click left a positive review 9/26/2018

Good attendance, warm and friendly conversation.

Aline Click

Aline Click left a positive review 10/4/2018

Small group but given it was our first event I am sure enrollment will grow for future workshops. The kids had a lot of fun, and even visited the new NIU Esports Arena open house.

Aline Click

Aline Click left a positive review 10/10/2018

Wonderful as always!