"Decolonizing AfroLatinidades: The Field of Afro-Latinx Studies" - Treinta y tres Keynote

Professor Paul Joseph López Oro, assistant professor and director of Africana Studies, Bryn Mawr College, teaches courses on Black Latin American and U.S. Black Latinx social movements, Black diaspora theories and ethnographies, and Black feminisms/queer theory. His research interests include Black politics in Latin America, the Caribbean and U.S. AfroLatinidades, Black Latinx LGBTQ movements and performances, and Black transnationalism. He is working on his first book manuscript, "Indigenous Blackness in the Americas: The Queer Politics of Self-Making Garifuna New York," a transdisciplinary study analyzing oral histories, performances, social media, film, literary texts and visual cultures to unearth the political, intellectual, cultural and spiritual genealogies of Garifuna women and subaltern geographies of Garifuna LGBTQ+ folks at the forefront of Garifuna transnational movements in New York City. "Indigenous Blackness" offers new ways to approach questions on the multiple ways in which Garifuna New Yorkers of Central American descent queerly negotiate, perform, contradict and articulate their Black, Indigenous and Central American Caribbean subjectivities.

Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Virtual Event