School of Music Graduate Colloquium - Lecture

Ms. Jennifer Lay Shyu (Jen Shyu) Co-founder of Mutual Mentorship for Musicians, will give a lecture entitled "School of Music Graduate Colloquium- You Are Everything Workshop.

"Originally created in 2012 in Indonesia, this workshop, "Belum Pernah" or “I Have Never Dared to Do This Before” in English, has been developed through her travels and teaching around the world. Open to advanced musicians/artists and non-musicians/non-artists, this workshop guides the participants through writing, listening, movement, acting, spoken word, singing, solo improvisation, duo, and group improvisation with and/or without instruments/found objects. Because the whole point of the activity is to do at least one thing he/she has never done before, everyone is on an equal playing field and must create outside of their comfort zones. Those participating should bring a pen/pencil and paper/notebook and wear comfortable clothing and shoes (no high heels). Instruments welcome but not required.

Thursday, November 30

School of Music