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NIU Anthropology Museum Exhibit Opening of Fragments: Haiti Four Years After the Earthquake

Friday, January 24, 2014 at 6:00pm

Anthropology Museum, Cole Hall 41.9343,-88.7688

The Anthropology Museum at Northern Illinois University invites you to the Exhibit Opening of Fragments: Haiti Four Years After the Earthquake.  Reception begins at 6 pm, featuring refreshments and live music by Haitian artist, Jan Sebon and Friends.

Ceremony begins at 7 pm with performance artist, Kantara Souffrant and remarks by:

Haitian Consul General Lesly Condé

Judge Lionel Jean-Baptiste, Co-founder of the Haitian Congress

Elsie Hernandez, Director of the Haitian American Museum of Chicago

Dr. Mark Schuller, Guest Curator


Haiti’s earthquake was one of the world’s deadliest disasters, claiming as many as 316,000 lives. Media images highlighted the exceptional, macabre, and gruesome. These accounts dehumanized Haiti and Haitian people and focused disproportionate attention on the good intentions and generosity of foreigners. International media attention helped raise $5.6 billion in official funds and $2 billion in private donations for the first two years following the earthquake.


What happened? Where did the money go? Four years following the earthquake, international media coverage on Haiti has diminished quite significantly. Living conditions have only improved slightly and are still among the worst in the world. One index counts 280,000 people still living under tents in scores of camps.


This installation is titled Fragments to acknowledge the often disparate lived realities now in relative shadows.  It aims to move visitors to reflect on the people surviving, building community, making art, raising families, and challenging their situation as activists, and to recall the bonds that already exist between us.  This exhibition will be on display at the Northern Illinois University Anthropology Museum from January through May 2014.

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Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson left a positive review 1/23/2014

Great awareness raising about the conditions of life in Haiti after the earthquake.