Music of East Asia

Korean Percussion Ensemble

  • Suwan Choi, director  

Chinese Music Ensemble

  • Wei Yang, director
  • Chih-I Hsiao, assistant director

Featuring  Guest Performers

  • Hong Da Chin, dizi (Chinese bamboo flute)
  • Yoko Hiraoka, koto (Japanese zither)



Pangut -  Traditional Korean

  • Korean Drumming Ensemble (KDE) 


六月茉莉 Jasmine in June - Traditional Taiwanese

  • Chinese Music Ensemble (CME)


Yashiyo Jishi - Traditional Japanese

Dance of the Eight Thousand Years Dragon - Traditional Japanese

  • Yoko Hiraoka*, koto
  • Nan Yamprai+, shamisen


‘isaceqalj 白蛇傳 -  Ryan Cheah (b. 1992)

  • Suwan Choi+, janggu
  • Chih-I Hsiao, erhu
  • Wei Yang+, pipa
  • Zih Cian Yu, cello

Legend of the White Snake - Ji-Ming Jeng (b. 1951) & Wei-Lun Luo (b. 1944)
     Movement 1: The Encountering  
     Movement 2: Monk Fai-Hai’s Interference    
     Movement 3: Flooding the Chin Shan

  • Hong-Da Chin*, dizi
  • William Goldenberg+, piano 


賽馬 Horse Racing  - Hai-Huai Huang  (1935-1967)

  • Allen Madison, erhu
  • CME


Seoljangu - Korean Traditional

  • KDE


喜洋洋 Joyfulness - Korean Traditional

  • Chih-I Hsiao, erhu
  • Paisley Stevens, dizi
  • CME


花好月圓 Blooming Flowers and Full Moon - Yi-Jun Huang  (1915-1995) 

  • CME

Wednesday, April 10 at 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Music Building, Recital Hall
550 Lucinda Ave, DeKalb, IL 60115

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Arts and Culture, Music and Concerts

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Asian American Certificate Program



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Center for Southeast Asian Studies, School of Music
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