STEMFest Maker Mondays: Studying Stink Bugs and Exploring Insects

Learn about insects, the most diverse and numerous animals on the planet, with two fun videos followed by activities.

Video One
Studying Stink Bugs and Saving Crops: An Interview with Entomologist Amanda Erlenbach

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Amanda Erlenbach is a research and design specialist in Bayer’s entomology division. She works with a cross-disciplinary team of scientists, farmers and the FDA to create pest-resistant crops. Her work finds her in corn fields, on tractors and in stink bug colonies as she looks to make agriculture safer and more productive.

Amanda will describe her path to her current career and how a solid background in science has allowed her to explore many roles in agriculture including animal husbandry on a hog farm as well as her current work in creating pest-resistant crops.

Recommended audience: Teens.

Video Two
Exploring Insects

Do you ever wonder how scientist tell the time of death based on the insects on a carcass? Do you ever look at the amazing complexity of a wasp next? Have you ever noticed how ants work together when their hill has been disturbed? Join NIU STEAM educator Ann Shult to explore these unique creatures by investigating their characteristics and behaviors. 

After 26 years in the classroom teaching biology and human anatomy and physiology, Ann joined NIU STEAM as a STEAM educator in 2020. She encourages everyone to get involved with citizen science projects and spend time outdoors.

Activity: After the video, you can explore your own backyard and environment to see what insects share your space and whether they are helpful or harmful to humans.

Recommended audience: Elementary through high school students.

Monday, October 5, 2020

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