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Kathy Kelly: Seeing Through the Smoke Screen; Gaza after Operation Pillar of Cloud

Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 7:15pm to 9:00pm

Holmes Student Center, Illinois Room 600 Lucinda Ave

Nobel Peace Prize candidate, Kathy Kelly, of Voices for Creative Non-Violence will give a report of her recent visit to Gaza. She will present Thursday February 21, at 7:15 pm in the Illinois Room of Holmes Student Center, on the campus of Northern Illinois University. Kathy Kelly will also be reporting on her recent visit to Syria. Her experiences will provide an on the ground review of the present Middle East situation.
Dr. Tomis Kapitan, professor in the Northern Illinois University Department of Philosophy will give the introduction. Of Kathy Kelly’s visit, Dr. Kapitan said, “In the interests of justice, peace, and an informed public, I think it is absolutely vital that voices like Kathy Kelly's be heard. Our country is pouring billions of dollars into the Middle East, and we are deeply involved in every aspect of political life there that has taken the lives of thousands of people. We have every right -- indeed, an obligation -- to become informed, and to protest injustices.”
Ms. Kelly has made numerous trips to the Middle East over the past decade. She has been nominated more than once for the Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian work. She first was involved with getting medical supplies into Iraq before the invasion, as children in hospitals were not receiving adequate care due to the sanctions on medicine. She has written numerous articles about her experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and Syria. Her sensitive and poetic approach provides a human story to what it is like on the ground and in the homes of the people who live and struggle to survive in these violent countries.
Ms. Kelly, who has also worked closely with the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker movement, approaches the war torn areas with a compassionate plea for peace, as she speaks for those who can not be heard in the war torn areas or from the refugee camps.

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