Priscilla Solis Ybarra: "Critical Meditations on Abundance, Abolition Feminist Aesthetics and Accountability"

Priscilla Solis Ybarra, associate professor, English, University of North Texas. In this lecture, Professor Ybarra will reflect on the idea of wilderness and environmentalism for Mexican Americans. Ybarra's new practice of birdwatching precipitates a question. Whereas in her scholarship and teaching she argues that Mexican Americans do not identify with conventional environmentalism or the idea of wilderness, how can she understand her new practice of paying attention to birds? In other words, what lessons emerge from contextualizing within the broader structures of coloniality and capital the Mexican American knowledge and practices that can be too narrowly defined as “environmental?” This essay affirms abundance in ways that resonate with the values of abolition feminism and in critical coalition with Indigenous land restoration as accountability for colonial violence, making a case for #LandBack instead of wilderness.

Professor Ybarra has lectured on Chicano environmental approaches at many U.S. and international universities and currently teaches courses on Latinx literature and environmental literary studies.

Co-sponsored by the Department of English, Environmental Studies and the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies.

Wednesday, April 13 at 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

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