Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development

Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development

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Lifelong Learning Institute: The National Barn Dance, 1924-1933 Era

In 1923, the U.S. population was largely rural, radio was a new medium, Sears-Roebuck was a retail giant, and Julius Rosenwald decided to lock in a huge...

10/20, 10 AM
Lifelong Learning Institute: Traveling with Waldemar through Art History

We will travel the continents, tramp the roads, and Waldemar Januszczak, British art critic, will give us (as only he can) the stories of art and artists....

10/20, 1:30 PM
STEAM Studio Fall Preview –  Minecraft Virtual World Designer

Are you interested in Minecraft, block and JavaScript programming, modifying skins, 3D development or video games? Join us for this four-session STEAM Studio...

10/20, 3:30 PM
Lifelong Learning Institute: Eight American Stories

We discuss the deeds of eight Americans: an escaped slave, an Irish rebel sentenced to death, an upper middle-class woman who founded the American Red Cross,...

10/21, 10 AM
Lifelong Learning Institute: Notables

Since its beginning, LLI has had weekly talks by experts, most often NIU faculty. We're continuing that tradition on Zoom this fall, so come join us for our...

10/21, 1:30 PM

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