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NIU Outreach

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NIU Esports: Varsity Valorant Tryouts

Want to represent NIU in the collegiate organization's Valorant championship? Want to play with some of the best players on campus? Come try out for the...

2/6, 4 PM
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Pablo Neruda is one of the most important poets in Spanish-American literature. This course will examine his works from a chronological perspective. Not...

2/7, 10 AM
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During the last ten years, there have been giant steps in the development of effective alternatives to carbon-producing energy sources. We will look at many...

2/7, 1:30 PM
NIU Esports Overwatch: NIU vs Central Michigan

​​​​Support NIU Esports as they compete in the 2023 Esports Collegiate Conference season! All matches are streamed LIVE to our Twitch. Current Students can...

2/7, 7 PM
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Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson, all country music giants, formed a group after each had established a stellar career as...

2/8, 10 AM

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