NIU Outreach

NIU Outreach

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LLI: The Good Natured Hour

Bring your questions and observations about nature and be prepared for some good-natured fun while learning about our local wildlife in the LLI class. ...

1/19, 10 AM
LLI: Psychedelic Miscellany

Learn about the history and current uses of psychedelics in medical, mental health and religious contexts. Explore the surprising benefits of psychedelics as...

1/19, 1:30 PM
LLI: Survivors in the Cold

We will examine Arctic and Antarctic animals, habitats, survival skills and special anatomies that allow polar bears, arctic foxes, penguins, musk oxen and...

1/20, 10 AM
LLI: Great Twentieth Century Poetry

We shall return to explorations of two great 20th century poets: T. S. Eliot and W. B. Yeats, in particular Eliot's The Waste Land and selected Yeats poems,...

1/21, 10 AM
LLI: Topics in Human Anatomy: A User’s Guide

This course will cover major topics in human anatomy at the gross level, things that can be seen with the eye. Topics covered may include the skeletal...

1/21, 1:30 PM

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