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JobsPLUS Event - Building Teamwork and Candy Bridges

Facilitated by Brian Oster, Creative Director and President at OC Creative. Test your leadership abilities and teamwork skills over a bridge built from only...

1/22, 4 PM
JobsPLUS Event - Leadership Lunch: Intergenerational Communication as a Foundational Tool for Inclusion

***Please note that this event is open to women students. A free lunch is included.*** Join us as we learn some quick basics on generational definitions and...

2/5, 12 PM
JobsPLUS Event - Writing in the Workplace: Preparing for Common Business and Professional Writing Scenarios

Written communication is crucial to workplace success. From grants and press releases to internal communication and reports, most jobs have more writing than...

2/10, 1:30 PM
JobsPLUS Event - Conflict Management: Creating Strategies to Maintaining Professional and Personal Relationships

Disagreements occur in all workplaces. However, those actions can be stressful depending on how you approach the situation, whether they occur in academia or...

2/18, 3:30 PM
JobsPLUS Event - First Impressions Count

Facilitated by the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce. Whether it is meeting someone at an event, a job interview, or interacting with customers at work, both verbal...

2/18, 5:30 PM

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