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**ONLINE** This Q/A workshop will examine what plagiarism is, how it happens, and the academic/professional consequences. More importantly, it will clarify...

1/7/2020, 4 PM
Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation: Know the Process to Successfully Graduate

**ONLINE** This presentation is for graduate students preparing to submit a thesis or dissertation to the Graduate School for May or August 2020 graduation....

1/9/2020, 4 PM
How to Write the Introduction to Your Thesis/Dissertation

**ONLINE** You have picked a topic and a focus, but now you have to begin framing how you envision your research. The introduction sets the stage for the...

1/14/2020, 4 PM
Using Academic Databases and Search Engines

**ONLINE** Back by popular demand! This workshop covers advanced search functions across several widely used databases like EBSCOhost and Google Scholar....

1/16/2020, 4 PM
Dissertation Essentials

**ONLINE** This presentation is designed for all doctoral students enrolled in 799 in any department. Thesis Office staff will walk students through the...

1/21/2020, 4 PM

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