Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

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Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Wellness Networking Event

Need a break to “recharge your batteries” at the end of your day? The Virtual Scavenger Hunt will offer a chance to interact and connect with colleagues...

9/28, 3 PM
Food Fight: Win Your Inner Battle with Intuitive Eating

You're focused on eating well and one step off track leaves you feeling guilty, ashamed and on the verge of giving up. The good news is that food does not...

9/28, 5 PM
Cognitive Restructuring: How Your Thoughts Make You Feel

Life can be hard and difficult situations can occur, but did you know that your emotional response has more to do with what you are thinking about the...

10/3, 2 PM
Making Sense of and Understanding Why We Get Angry

Anger is a funny emotion which we all must deal with from time to time. But do you know why we find ourselves dealing with anger? This training will...

10/5, 1 PM
Ethics & Sexual Misconduct Training for Employees

The state of Illinois requires NIU employees to complete online ethics and sexual misconduct training every year. This year's training will run from October...


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