Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is practiced around the world as a gentle exercise that promotes physical relaxation, stress-reduction, and overall well-being. In this session,...

11/21, 12 PM
Managing and Handling Cash

This workshop is designed for staff with direct responsibility for handling and depositing cash and for those who manage cash operations. The session will...

11/22, 9 AM
Revisiting the Lost Art of Letter Writing

Do you love to write letters, but don’t feel like writing alone? Do you want to write letters or postcards to support a cause? Do you like sending cards to...

11/22, 12 PM
Maintaining Your Joy in the Workplace

Studies show that employees who are happier in the workplace are likely to be more productive on the job. But, what happens when you don’t feel happy when...

11/26, 10 AM
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

What is “emotional intelligence” and why is it beneficial to understand one’s emotional intelligence in the work setting? In this training, we will help...

12/3, 10 AM

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