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Standing Guard: Protect What You've Worked For

This seminar is designed to protect your pre and post retirement income. It covers risk that could impact your financial strategy and solution to help...

3/30, 9 AM
Geocache for College Cash

GeoCache for College Cash is a contest that operates similar to a scavenger hunt meets Geocache. Using a smart phone or tablet, players read and respond to...

Money Smart Week Jeopardy

Welcome to one of our favorite answer and question games, Money Smart Week Jeopardy! You know how to play it; we provide the categories and answers, and it’s...

4/1, 10 AM
Money Smart Monday

Come to the Financial Aid Office on Money Smart Mondays in April! Each week there will be new opportunities to learn and win swag and gift cards. Join us for...

4/1, 11 AM
Resumes: 101

This workshop is designed to give you an overview of the job search process including research, self-assessment, career planning, resume, personal branding,...

4/1, 7 PM

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