Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Dissertation Defense - Sami Varjosaari

"Reduction of Ketones to Alcohols and Tertiary Amines Using 1-Hydrosilatrane." Dr. Marc Adler and Dr. Thomas Gilbert

3/21, 3 PM
Dissertation Defense - Vladislav Skrypai

"Application of 1-Hydrosilatrane as a Robust Reducing Reagent." Dr. Thomas Gilbert and Dr. Marc Adler

3/22, 1 PM
Dissertation Defense - Ashley De Lio

"Estimation of Ring Strain Energies of Organic and Metallacycles and the Mechanistic Study of the Reduction of Ketones with 1-Hydridosilatrane." Dr. Thomas...

3/27, 4 PM
Chem Club Chemistry Demo Night

It's that time of year! The Chemistry Club from NIU is getting ready to put on its annual chemistry demo! This year the show will be on Friday March 30th...

3/30, 6:30 PM

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