Center for P-20 Engagement

Center for P-20 Engagement

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LLI: In the Beginning: 1853 to 1941

From 1639 to 1853, the Japanese expelled most foreigners and allowed only specially licensed ships from Holland and China to trade cargo. In 1853, Commodore...

10/26, 10 AM
LLI: Notables

Since our beginning, LLI has featured weekly talks by experts, primarily NIU faculty, in our Notables series. We're continuing that tradition this fall but...

10/26, 1:30 PM
LLI: Musical Duos

You may feel like singing along as this class features classic musical duos...from pop to opera. Selections may include the Carpenters’ “We've Only Just...

10/27, 10 AM
LLI: Looking Back - Moving Forward

A series of talks by a variety of DeKalb County leaders will inform us of changes and adaptions made necessary by the 2020 pandemic to keep DeKalb County...

10/27, 1:30 PM
The Haunted Mind

Why do some people believe they have experienced a haunting? Understand the science behind environmental and neurological conditions that shape people’s...

10/27, 6 PM

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