Center for P-20 Engagement

Center for P-20 Engagement

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STEM Saturday: Pump up the Jams - Speaker Construction

Earbuds and Beats by Dre are great, but how many of your friends can say that they’ve built their own set of speakers from scratch? During this STEM Saturday...

3/3, 9 AM
STEM Jrs: Luck of the Irish

Have you ever wondered what’s at the end of the rainbow? If so, you’re in luck, because this class will be all about the science of St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll...

3/17, 9 AM
STEM Cafe: Smart Meters: A New Way to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Join Dr. Kevin Martin, NIU Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering Technology, for a lively discussion on how you can save money today by using...

3/21, 6:30 PM
STEM Divas: Gardening

Just in time for Earth Day, this STEM Divas class is sure to plant a seed and help grow your child’s interest in learning. We’ll make our own planter boxes...

4/21, 9 AM

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