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The Performance Measure Puzzle – Part 2: How to Appropriately Construct and Use Performance Measures

Organizations are asked to provide evidence that their programs are delivering the intended results. External stakeholders look for demonstrated results or...

3/31, 9 AM
Conducting a Community Needs Assessment

Community needs assessments are a core tool for many nonprofit and health and human service programs and initiatives. A community needs assessment helps to...

4/4, 9 AM
Conversations on Diversity and Equity (CODE): Being Self-aware and Engaged

Conversations on Diversity and Equity (CODE) workshops are designed to help participants learn about the cultural differences that shape our world. CODE 1...

4/20, 9 AM
Leadership Lessons: Trying Times Demand Sound Leadership

This workshop is an active exploration of the art and science of leadership. We’ll study various leadership styles, as well as the broad spectrum of tools,...

5/5, 9 AM
Public Art: What Is It and How to Plan for It (NEW)

Public art is a highly visible and deliberate way a community can make an impression on visitors or change the environment for residents. However, beyond...

5/23, 9 AM

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