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New Civics and the Impact of Globalization

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the impact of globalization in our communities and region. Participants will be able to understand the...

6/2, 9 AM
Online STEM Cafe: Surviving and Thriving: How Businesses Are Innovating for Today and Tomorrow

How are businesses meeting the challenges of the current economy? How are consumers interacting with businesses, and what permanent changes should we expect?...

6/3, 6 PM
Alternative Service Delivery: What's New? What Works? What Doesn't Work So Well?

Simply stated, Alternative Service Delivery is providing services without your own employees doing the work. It encompasses shared services, contract...

6/9, 1 PM
Executive Director 101 - Nuts & Bolts

This workshop will cover the basics of running a nonprofit organization from mission to roles of the Executive Director, board, staff and volunteers, to best...

6/15, 9 AM
Nonprofit Performance Measures & Organizational Change

Presented by Alicia Schatteman, PhD, Acting Director for Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies and Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University. Many...

6/18, 9 AM

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