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Conducting a Community Needs Assessment

Community needs assessments are a core tool for many programs and initiatives. Do you need to do a community needs assessment to identify unmet and undermet...

4/20, 9 AM
I.T. Security – Understanding how to Defend Your Organization’s Network

This workshop is designed for leaders who consider themselves ‘non-technical or semi-technical’. This session is a must for those that lead organizations...

4/28, 9 AM
Budgeting and Understanding Financial Statements in the Non-profit Sector

Financial statements can be confusing and hard to read, and yet they provide some of the most valuable information in assessing the financial health of an...

5/6, 9 AM
Performance can be Measured and Managed, but what’s the Difference? Part 1. Differences and Similarities

Are you measuring with meaning? What is being measured? What isn’t and what’s not being utilized? What is the difference between Performance Measurement...

5/12, 9 AM
The Lost Art of Listening

Perhaps one of the most important communication skills is listening. Unfortunately, it is also the least taught. This workshop will concentrate on the lost...

5/18, 1 PM

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