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Time Management & Organizational Skills

Are the invisible lists in your head keeping you up at night and weighing you down each morning? Do you feel as though you are constantly treading water and...

10/29, 9 AM
Effective Presentations and Public Speaking

Effective presentation and communication skills are useful tools for staff members at all levels. Senior staff members are often called upon to present...

11/9, 9 AM
Leveraging Federal Funding to Solve the Digital Divide – A Step-by-Step Guide

It is estimated that as many as 42 million Americans lack high-speed internet service. While millions more have internet access, because of heavy usage or...

11/16, 9 AM
New Civics and the Impact of Globalization

This workshop explores the ingredients and impact of globalization in our communities and region. Participants will be able to explore the demographic,...

12/10, 9 AM
The Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Engineering

People are looking ahead to a future without masks and getting back to normal activities with their friends and loved ones, and the same is true in the...

12/14, 9 AM

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