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The Mysteries of Stormwater Management: Engineering Lessons for Non-Engineers

Water, water everywhere, but nowhere to send it or perplexed how to manage it? Does it seem like stormwater comes up in almost every public meeting or is...

1/22, 9 AM
I.T. Security in Your Organization - Strategies for Protection and Disaster Recovery

Organizations of every size are extremely vulnerable to attacks. While there are no “hacker-proof” solutions, there are steps that every organization can...

1/30, 9 AM
Leadership Lessons:  Trying Times Demand Sound Leadership

This workshop is an active exploration of the art and science of leadership. Participants will study various leadership styles as well as the broad spectrum...

1/31, 9 AM
Comparing Performance Measurement & Performance Management for Public Organizations: An Introduction - What’s The Difference? Why Are These Terms Confused & How Are They Related?

Are you measuring with meaning? What is being measured? What isn’t and what’s not being utilized? What is the difference between Performance Management and...

2/11, 9 AM
Strategic Choices and I.T. Leadership: Where Are You Going and Who is Going to Lead?

Bits, bytes, gigabytes, network integrity and the cloud. What does it all mean? This workshop provides leaders with a good foundation to better understand...

2/13, 9 AM

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