Friday, June 25

Celebrating NIU 2020 Commencement - Huskie Pride Lights

In honor of NIU Commencement and our 2020 graduates, the south side of the HSC tower will be illuminated in red from approximately thirty minutes prior to...

Last day for undergraduates to process a course withdrawal from a first-half-session course through their college advising office or the Academic Advising Office for those students with no college affiliation.

Last day for undergraduates to process a session withdrawl from a first-half session course(s) through their college advising office or the Academic Advising...

WNIJ Design Contest – All Designs Considered!

89.5 WNIJ is celebrating 30 years of public broadcasting this year – the station went on the air April 28, 1991 – and they're asking listeners to join in the...

Leadership Lessons:  Trying Times Demand Sound Leadership

This workshop is an active exploration of the art and science of leadership. Participants will study various leadership styles as well as the broad spectrum...

Graduate Commencement (Class of 2020)

Friday, June 4, 2021 9 a.m. - Doctoral Commencement - hooding ceremony (Class of 2020)Friday, June 25, 2021 10 a.m. - Graduate Commencement (Specialists,...

Off-campus Student Meal Plans Available for Purchase

Do you live close to campus or are you a commuter? If so, you may find our off-campus student meal plans to be incredibly beneficial. They are billed to ...

Dissertation Defense - Yi Li

"Margins of the City: Urban Masculinity and Identity Politics in British Social-Realist Queer Cinema." Dr. Scott Balcerzak

11 AM
Virtual Event
Crimson Days: The Early Story of NIU exhibit

Crimson Days: The Early History of NIU details and commemorates the founding of NIU in 1895. The exhibit runs March 17 - Dec. 5. Come see the exhibit in the...

Dissertation Defense - Ryan Stadel

"Experimental Exploration of Shared Magnetic Phases Between Diverse Systems of Iron-Pnictide Superconductors." Dr. Omar Chmaissem

2 PM
Virtual Event

Friday, June 25