Friday, June 18

Last day for undergraduates to add or course drop a full-session course via self-service in MyNIU. Last day for a student to process a session withdrawal for a full-session course(s) via self-service in MyNIU.

Last day for undergraduates to add a first-half session course with approval from the offering department. Last day for undergraduates to process a course...

WNIJ Design Contest – All Designs Considered!

89.5 WNIJ is celebrating 30 years of public broadcasting this year – the station went on the air April 28, 1991 – and they're asking listeners to join in the...

8 AM
Virtual Event
Dissertation Defense - Jason Coenen

"Diatoms and Their Response to Tectonic Gateway Changes: A Case Study from Southern Hemisphere Sites." Dr. Reed Scherer and Dr. Justin Dodd

Recycling and its role in a integrated Municipal Solid Waste Plan

Solid waste, recyclable materials or garbage. What you call the things we all toss out/put to the curb might depend on the generation that you are a part...

Crimson Days: The Early Story of NIU exhibit

Crimson Days: The Early History of NIU details and commemorates the founding of NIU in 1895. The exhibit runs March 17 - Dec. 5. Come see the exhibit in the...

Dissertation Defense - 	 Kristy Tuttle

"Diversification, Phylogeography, and Historical Demography of the White-Toothed Rats (Berylmys) in Indochina." Dr. Virginia Naples

1 PM
Virtual Event
Science Riot

Join researchers from NIU and Argonne National Laboratory for a nerdy night of laughs. Nine of our experts have been training with Science Riot to learn the...

8 PM
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Friday, June 18