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Monday, November 12

Ethics Online Training

Ethics Online Training

Ethics Online Training for NIU employees runs from Tuesday, October to Wednesday, November 14. The training can be accessed 24/7 and anywhere there is...

MAP-Works Fall Checkup Survey

MAP-Works Fall Checkup Survey

Northern Illinois University is proud to offer MAP-Works, a first year success program for new freshmen and transfer students. MAP-Works is a survey based...

International Marketing Exchange

International Marketing Exchange 9:00am

The International Marketing Exchange takes place in Neptune Central.

Neptune Central  
College of Law Admissions Informational Interviews

College of Law Admissions Informational Interviews 10:00am

We are pleased to offer informational interviews for those students who are applying to start the first-year J.D. program at NIU Law in Fall 2013. These...

Swen Parson, 151  
Tagged: Exploring Modern Graffiti

Tagged: Exploring Modern Graffiti 10:00am

No one wants to wake up with profanity spray-painted across their garage door, but collectors would pay millions of dollars to own a chunk of wall that was...

Visual Arts Building, Gallery 214  
Veterans Day Ceremony

Veterans Day Ceremony 11:00am

A solemn ceremony held to honor the sacrifices and service of all U.S. military veterans. This event is organized by NIU Veterans Club and NIU ROTC will...

International Recognition Reception

International Recognition Reception 11:30am

International accomplishments are recognized. Remarks at 12:10.

Holmes Student Center, Sky Room  
Prezi: Move Beyond Slides to Create Amazing Presentations

Prezi: Move Beyond Slides to Create Amazing... 2:00pm

Prezi is a web-based tool that allows you to create interactive, collaborative and media-rich presentations that are not bound by the traditional slide...

Chemistry Seminar (LaT Hall 201) -- Dr. Jeffrey T. Miller

Chemistry Seminar (LaT Hall 201) -- Dr. Jeffrey... 4:00pm

Dr. Jeffrey T. Miller, Group Leader of Heterogeneous Catalysts, Chemical Sciences & Engineering, Argonne National Laboratory. "Heterogeneous Catalysts"....

LaTourette Hall, 201  
MBA Open House - Hoffman Estates

MBA Open House - Hoffman Estates 6:00pm

The MBA Program holds informal open houses throughout the fall and spring to give prospective candidates an opportunity to hear from program directors and...

NIU Hoffman Estates  
NIU Ally Training

NIU Ally Training 6:00pm

The Ally Program is a campus-wide program designed to foster a welcoming and supportive campus environment for LGBTQ individuals by creating a visible...


Monday, November 12