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Holmes Student Center

600 Lucinda Ave

At the heart of the DeKalb campus, the Holmes Student Center provides places to study, computer labs, restaurants, a bookstore, banking services, conference/banquet/catering facilities and a full-service hotel.


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Picture This: Photographing Northern Illinois University

Picture This: Photographing Northern Illinois... 1pm 9/20

Photographers of all ages are invited to this photography workshop experience. Participants will get an opportunity to hear from Jim Womack, an experienced...

Research & Artistry Q&A

Research & Artistry Q&A 9am 9/23

If you are writing or thinking about writing a proposal for the Research and Artistry Awards for 2015 and have questions about the process, please come to...

Fall 2014 Exploring Majors Fair

Fall 2014 Exploring Majors Fair 11am 9/23

The Exploring Majors Fair is designed for all students who want to find out more about majors, minors, and "other academic opportunities!" They have the...

"OHANA!" Meeting

"OHANA!" Meeting 5pm 9/23

"No one left behind or forgotten" Effective Note taking, Academic Success (Open to All)

Orientation Leader 101 Session

Orientation Leader 101 Session 7pm 9/23

Attendance at ONE Orientation Leader 101 session is REQUIRED for all Orientation Leader candidates. During these sessions, candidates will learn details...

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Elaine Rodriguez

Elaine Rodriguez left a positive review 4/2/2014

It was a great show! There are many talents on campus that we were able to watch. I hope The Adela de la Torre Honor Society is able to do this show again.

Sumiko Keay

Sumiko Keay left a positive review 2/19/2014

The food and the service was great.

Cathleen Donohue

Cathleen Donohue left a positive review 3/26/2014

Very good food and service.

Deborah Haliczer

Deborah Haliczer left a positive review 3/6/2014

Excellent presentation with useful experiential activities.

Deborah Haliczer

Deborah Haliczer left a positive review 3/11/2014

A very important topic. The speaker was excellent and knowledgeable.

Deborah Haliczer

Deborah Haliczer left a positive review 3/19/2014

Excellent speaker and valuable topic.

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson left a positive review 1/28/2014

Very informative and interesting. A little crowded for me however.

Rebecka Deitz

Rebecka Deitz left a positive review 10/2/2013

I enjoyed the topic very much; his research is very interesting. The question-answer session was very informative.

Rebecka Deitz

Rebecka Deitz left a positive review 10/23/2013

I found each station very helpful in answering all of my questions I had and giving good advice for me as this is my first semester. The volunteer staff was also very welcoming and helpful.

Barbara Kaufmann

Barbara Kaufmann left a positive review 10/14/2013

There were so many more schools represented yesterday than last year. THANKS!!

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