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Waterfront Café At Ellington’s

Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 11:00am to 1:00pm

Holmes Student Center, Ellington's 600 Lucinda Ave

Ellington’s offers exciting, fresh, three-course menus. Price of a full meal is $10.00 including beverages and tips. Reservations are recommended. Menu options for this date include:


Shrimp Bruschetta
Upon a toasted crostini lies a light, fresh mixture of tomatoes, onions, delicate herbs, and seasonal fresh shrimp. All seasoned lightly with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Corn and Potato Chowda’
A heart-warming chowda’ flavored with sweet corn, red bliss potatoes, and fresh herbs. This hearty soup is light, yet satisfying. All of the flavors are complemented with a hint of half and half.


New England Clambake
A simple combination of littleneck clams meld perfectly with sweet corn (on the cob), earthy red bliss potatoes, and a vegetable broth. Served with a piece of crusty bread and that is a meal!

Boston Baked Beans
This dish is vegetarian friendly! Our beans are flavored with molasses, brown sugar, dry mustard, and onion. Served with a faux sausage crumble for some heartiness, as well as a nice warm piece of buttery cornbread for good measure.


Indian Pudding with Maple Whipped Topping
This hearty cornmeal pudding is comprised of molasses, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. A top the pudding lays a fresh maple flavored whipped topping.

Blueberry-Blackberry Shortcake
A shortcake round is the vehicle for a mixture of slowly cooked blueberries, blackberries, fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, and a hint of sugar. Then finished off with our fresh whipped topping.

Cheddar Popovers
A simple bread studded with sharp cheddar cheese, baked in the shape of muffins. Served warm with butter.


Pepsi. Diet Pepsi. Mountain Dew. Sierra Mist. Raspberry Iced Tea. Unsweetened Brisk Iced Tea. Coffee (Caffeinated or Decaffeinated). Hot Tea (Of Choice).

Bolla Pinot Grigio $6.50
Columbia Crest Shiraz $6.50

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